Friday, March 8, 2013

Fighting scar: Adult Chicken Pox!

It is my third week after I had been confirmed to have chicken pox. Now, 95% of my crusted poxy fall off. The scars are fading fast... The crusts will fall off itself so do not try to remove it yourself or it will form small ring shape scar. In second week, half of the crusts are gone and I started taking Kinohimitsu and Kitsui Collagen drink. I was very tempted to try it because according to the product description it can help reduce scar and repair skin damage caused by the sun. Other than that, I use Bio Oil as moisturiser. If I want to go out, I use BB cream with SPF protection. I avoid getting out in the sun and spent my free time in shopping complex. I use long sleeve when in direct sun. I also use driving glove when driving but for my face and neck constantly exposed to sun.

Picture 1: Third week of chicken pox (Top), Three days of chicken pox (Bottom)

The best way to reduce dark scar is covering it with clothes. I use cardigan to cover my scar and I am very satisfied with the result. I can't cover my whole face and neck while driving so the scar on my face and other exposed area tends to be darker. That is the reason I experiment with cosmetic products to reduce the scar.

I didn't notice the difference before I compare my previous picture. Now, I do see the difference is quite impressive. The Dark Spot getting smaller but still noticeable after taking collagen for 6 days. But I am also using Bio Oil as moisturiser and In the left picture is the 10th days using Bio Oil. The Right Picture is 4 days using Bio Oil. I Don't remember how long I had been taking Redoxon Vitamin C. The improvement of my skin makes make up application easier and better texture on skin. I notice my skin getting fairer after I take collagen drink. I think the effect of collagen is different from one person to another person  because there are other negative review by others. Its a beauty product not to be relied 100% to heal scar.

Another thing that I learn in a hard way is to avoid bad foods for chicken pox scar. I ate wrong food a few days ago and my scars is so itchy. Now, I am more careful in my diet to prevent another itchy scars day. I also prevent foods that contain soy sauce because my mum believe it will make my scar permanently dark. That is my experience reducing my chicken pox scars. If you have suggestions to reduce scars, please share with me in this blog because I am still looking better method to reduce my scar quickly before my special day arrive. Any suggestion will be appreciated. I just bought Hiruscar from Watson so I can't wait to try it on my scar and write a review about it. :)