Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chicken pox and traditional treatment

I was confirmed to have chicken pox 2 days ago and I had been following my mom's advice to make sure I won't get this in the future... there are 4 things that my mom wants me to follow strictly...

1. Do not touch water or bath until poxy blisters appear on palm and foot

Okay... some may think this is a myth but there is a reason behind this. This is what my mom tell me... the poxy needs to come out to the skin surface... water will make the temperature outside our body to be cool so the poxy will prefer to bloom inside of our body and cause complication. If you touch the blisters, you will feel it warmer than non blister skin. The more blisters come out, the less probability it will happen in the future... more or less the same what the doctor told me.

2. Drink coconut water

Coconut water has been used traditionally to bring down body temperature and it is a great source of electrolyte. Coconut water is like 100 plus drink that people always take during fever. It is isotonic... so it is good to bring down fever during chicken pox. Some says the coconut must not touch the ground when plucked... but I think it is just a myth... no way the content of the coconut water change because the coconut touch the ground.

3. Stay away from fan or air-conditioning

Fan or air-cond makes the poxy blisters to come out slowly. the last thing you want to do is to delay the duration of fever. Everytime a red poxy come out, fever will come out too... so... the faster the the poxy come out, the shorter duration it will take for you to heal. staying away from fan/air-cond will lessen probability of complication too because fan/air-cond will  cause reduce in skin temperature but inside of the body is burning hot.

4. Bath with "jambu air" leaves

My mom says it can help to reduce the itchiness and makes the poxy to dry fast.

One of the tips from my aunt, keep wet towel at armpit to reduce body temperature rather than put it forehead. Even if the rule 1 apply, this method can be used to reduce the body temperature safely.