Sunday, December 23, 2012

Smelly guinea pig in the room?

Someone asked me how I keep my room from smelling like hay and pellets? My room smell like pellets and hay because there are hay and pellets!

Cage type?
I posted in this blog before on how I build my guinea pig cage which makes a big difference to the smell issue in my room. Refer back to the link...

Bedding and absorption?
The cage has a net layer underneath the fleece and underneath the net there is a 3-4 layers of newspapers. The fleece only absorb about 10% of the urine and most of it will fall and absorbed by the newspaper. I change the newspaper everyday so, the newspaper will not get smelly. I put one guinea pig in each of my cage because I separate the male and female so maybe the newspaper method is applicable. If you place more than 1 guinea pig in a cage, newspaper tends to smell faster than 24 hours. I suggest you use unscented cat litter( I prefer clumping cat litter but not the sand type) and Pet pad will work too but it cost more. I prefer using newspaper because it works for me and I want to reduce my laundry every week. If you want to remove the fleece and let the net filter the poops and urine... it is also acceptable but you might want to check if the net is hurting your piggies leg.

Smell control?
I use Ambi Pur Gel Fresh Rose fragrance in my room. you can also control the smell from going too strong by closing the lid. It does not eliminate the smell from hay or pellets but it combine better with rose fragrance. Hay, pellet and rose smells together like a garden. Be careful when choosing fragrance for your room, you might make the smell worse. I would stay away from citrus smell or anything smells like acid because it will enhance the bad smell. If you use floral fragrance, it will balance the smell from hay and pellet. Different brands will give different notes of floral fragrance so experimenting with fragrance will give you more ideas which one works well for you. It all depends on one's preference... 

Keep the room aerated. Don't close the windows 24 hours. It will trapped the smell and makes you feel suffocated. open the windows for as long as you can. keep the air flowing so fresh air can come into the room.

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