Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pet Shop will lie...

I just adopt a sick piggy from pet shop. I don't even know if it is proper for the pet shop to call "adoption" because adoption suppose to be free of charge. But then again, Adoption centre also charge management fee per adoption but the money will be used to buy necessities for the adoption centre which make it ok. There is no guinea pigs available for adoption in my area so I bought a guinea pig from a pet shop... but it turns out that they give wrong piggy. I ask for a female piggy but they gave me male. After taking care of it for 2 weeks, I return to the shop and demand to change it. The only female piggy in the shop is sick. She has crusty eyes, runny nose, anorexic and bleeding from its genital. It is up for adoption for discounted payment. The male piggy that I had is fat, clean and healthy so I could not imagine how cruel I am if I leave him in the pet shop so I did not change the piggy but adopted the sick female piggy. To tell you the truth I feel hurt when I see the sick piggy. The pet shop owner insist that the piggy is not sick but it is simply tired? What more lies the pet shop can give me... but I know for sure that the piggy should be rush to a vet or it will suffer slow death because I can see the poor piggy is anorexic. I did bring it to the vet after I adopted it. I clean her everyday and after 2 weeks, I see her getting better, her weight is increasing. It weight 190g when I adopted it and after 2 weeks her weight increased to 250g. Even so, 250g is still considered underweight for 2 months piggy so I keep giving her multivitamin from the vet and give her proper food to get her back normal. I would be relieve if her weight reach 400g.

The day I adopted her, I decided it will be my last time adopting piggy from the pet shop... They do not care about the piggies.. they only care about profit. I have 3 piggies which adopted from private breeder and their piggies are well taken care of. All of the 3 piggies come without health issues. So, if you decide to adopt, choose from private breeder. Private breeder are usually guinea pig lover and they will offer better advice on how take care of a piggy.

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