Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy-to-clean, smell reduced C&C cage with or without fleece

Does anyone have the same opinion that C&C cage with fleece is troublesome and consume a lot of time to clean?

Well, In my opinion C&C cage is too much work, take a lot of my time during weekend as I usually change the bedding once a week but I remove the poo twice a day, It stinks in 3 days after I change a new fleece, AND I found the mites multiply faster when I use fleece. I don't know if anyone experience the same but I just want to share my experience. 

I have 3 C&C cages in my pet room and it takes a lot of my time washing, disinfecting used bedding and mopping the floor every week. I use 2 layer of towel with 1 fleece for each cage. washing 6 towels and 3 fleece using hand is no fun. It is very time consuming and tiring. I don't think anyone would enjoy washing towels and fleece full of pee and poo poo...

Pic 1: C&C cage with net bottom

Pic 1 is the net bottom C&C cage (I had not prepare the proper tray for this cage). My guinea pigs did not display any discomfort during in the cage but the net must be secure well and no sharp edges around the cage. The net can be slippery because it was made from plastic net so things like plastic bowl can move easily in the cage. Paper clips can be used to secure the food bowl and igloo.

Pic 2: Base of the cage and the floor space

As you can see from pic 2, there are space between the floor and the cage bottom. This will prevent the piggies to wet their fur if they sleep on the place they pee. Coroplast can be used as a tray under the cage. If you are using newspaper as the absorbent, then you will have to replace the newspaper everyday. my friend is using cat litter as absorbent. this type of cage is suitable to use cat litter because the piggies does not have direct contact with it. just make sure to use safe cat litter without fragrance (guinea pig nose is very sensitive) and the sand type is not good neither because your piggies might inhale the sand.

If you couldn't shake the thoughts of your piggies leg will stuck in the net hole, just add a layer of fleece on top of the net! any liquid spills on the fleece will fall directly to the newspaper and prevent your piggies to soak in their own pee. Some of the poo will also fall to the newspaper and some big poo cant get through the net. Once a day sweeping is all it takes to clean the cage.

I will make a new post in this blog soon on how to make net bottom C&C cage and how to secure fleece on the cage.

the objective of this cage:
1. Improve cleanliness of the cage
2. Reduce bad smell in C&C cage
3. Easy to clean

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