Sunday, December 9, 2012

Easy to clean, reduced smell C&C cage (Part 2.)

The C&C cage using fleece is wonderful but some guinea pig pee and poop a lot.. depends in how many guinea pigs sharing the same cage. The reason C&C fleece cage did not work in reducing the smell problem is the towel under the fleece is saturated with pee and remain wet (and maybe the water bottle drip also), humidity etc. The poops can be clean everyday but the towel absorbing the pee will become saturated after a few days using it. My cage will smell in 2 days... so I was desperate to find a new way to reduce the smell... I know the source of the smell is the towel underneath saturated with urine so I decided to put a net underneath the fleece and let the urine fall to the newspaper below...So..I can change the newspaper everyday without taking off the fleece! I can do it in 10 minutes top!

So, I promised that I will post steps to make the modified C&C cage and this is it.

Thing that you will need:
1. 5mm plastic net (the net hole is 5mmx5mm- hardware shop)
2. Cable wire (2mm size or up to your preference)
3. Scissors
4. 62cm x 33cm mesh wire (or you can improvise)


Step 1:
Measure the net wire needed to cover the base of the cage. leave 2 cm extra at each sides of the net.

Picture 1

Step 2:
Join the 2 mesh wire and secure it using cable wire at the middle (Picture 2)

Step 3:

Fold the net at the edge of the mesh wire and secure it with cable wire. (Picture 3) and keep the cable wire short. (Picture 4)

 Picture 3

Picture 4

Step 4:
When you finish folding and secure the fold with cable wire, it will look like this (Picture 5). Dont forget to trim the cable wire after you finish. Becareful handling it because the cable wire will be sharp after you cut it short.

Picture 5

Step 5: 
Make sure the folded net is at the backside. Now, you may attach the other four mesh wire to the sides of the base like the picture below (Picture 6)

Picture 6

Step 6:
You may put coroplast as tray below the cage (Picture 7). I am using newspaper to absorb the urine but I might try cat litter later. My friend tried it and she say it will not smell in a week.

Picture 7

Step 7:
Put the fleece on the net like the picture below and secure with paper clips. This step is optional but it can save you doing a lot of laundry.


  1. Thank you for the instructions. It's pretty straight forward and easy to follow.