Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Himalayan guinea pig with abbysinian rosettes!

Abbysinian - Himalayan color

 Pic 1: Front
 Pic 2: Left
Pic 3: Right

Pic 1 until Pic 3 was taken when Darwin was 2 months old. The color of its nose, ears, and legs is very dark and after spending a lot of time searching for its color, i was informed by a breeder that it is himalayan colour with abbysinian coat. Pure Himalayan breed is very rare in Malaysia but it makes sense if abbysinian was  cross-breed with himalayan, the dominant abbysinian gene of rosettes will show while smooth short hair of himalayan breed would not show because it is recessive. The color on the other hand is different story... Himalayan color will still have a chance to come out. Himalayan breed refers to the breed of guinea pig with brown/black spot on the nose, both ears, and every legs... (Pic 4-6) and short sleek hair. but nowadays, it can also be referred to as Himalayan color because of the mix breed.

 Pic 4: Himalayan Guinea pig pure breed
 Pic 5: Satin Silky Himalayan
Pic 6: Himalayan guinea pig

The intensity of the colour is depends on the climate. The black spots will fade if the climate is hot or in bright sunlight... So, tropical climate is not a good place to display Himalayan breed/color... (kidding). Well, I can prove that the statement by

 Pic 7: can you see the ears? Its Darwin 5 months old...
Pic 8: The black spot fading

Pic 7 until Pic 8 is my guinea pig. In picture 7 you can see the color of the ears has faded compare to his picture 2 months old... Picture 8 shows a bit faded black nose... If you just judge it from the rosettes, you would only see him as regular abbysinian guinea pig but if you look from the colour it shows the ancestor of this guinea pig once from Himalayan breed... then cross-breed with Abbysinian. I do not have the pedigree of this guinea pig because I bet the breeder wouldnt know about his pedigree either because he is not too keen in his cavies. I guess the black spot would not fade completely but only the shade will remain. 


  1. Picture reuse request:
    I'm involved in creating and designing a website that is currently undergoing development, and it is going to be a website dedicated to Guinea Pig care, and I was wondering if we could use pic 4 (if you own the copyright). If you don't own the copyright, could you possibly let us know where you found the picture?

    If you do let us use the picture (and you do own the copyright) we would link back to your website, providing traffic and views.

    Thanks for your time.
    Your guinea pig is really cute by the way :)

  2. Hi,
    Thanks but I do not own the copyright to the picture 4. I get it from this website

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  3. Hi,I am from Penang. May I know where did you find the breeder who breeds Himalayan Abyssinian guinea pig like Darwin? as I am searching for one too :)

  4. Hi Xherlyn,

    I bought him from a private breeder but he doesn't sell guinea pig anymore.

    I saw a petshop in Sabah sell broken colour himalayan abyssinian but you are in Penang so I do not know if the petshop can send it there. I forgot the name of the petshop but I will check again later.