Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Can't Write Thesis?: Its Not The Procrastination...

If you google "cant write thesis" in google, you might end up reading my poor blog. 

Well, I am a Master student looking for a way to beat my laziness (I wont say procrastination anymore). I don't want to say I am beating procrastination because procrastination will not exist without laziness. If I start blaming procrastination for every single thing I cannot accomplish, it become an excuse for me. Procrastination is overated... you cannot eliminate it and you will never beat it until you set a self-boundary. 

Now, how many times do you promise yourself you will write thesis tomorrow, next week, or next month? some will even say I will do my best to finish my thesis next semester... Well, how long are you planning to finish your study? Delaying your thesis will not make it much easier. 

START NOW, even though you cannott think any ideas, start by writing craps about your study. I mean it! do not think too much... just write any craps about your study such as "the water table is getting higher because of the rain..... bla...bla...". When you have your ridiculously crappy idea, elaborate the crappy ideas into a paragraph. When you look back to your many crappy paragraphs, you will pick up some ideas from your tons of crappy ideas... and improvise it... Sometimes, you just need to write your crappy ideas to take a better look at it.

Now, when you write your thesis, you need to force yourself if you do not have the motivation. I know... I know... its hard but it is doable. Tell your family and friends to leave you alone for a week to do your thesis, and go to your burrow, lock the door. If you must glue your seat to your pants, go ahead... push your thoughts out... write like you never write before... any bad, good or stupid ideas jumble up... everything worth to write. Do not say you do not know what to write. It is your research.. so there must be something you can force your head to vomit.

During your war against your laziness, give yourself anything that keeps you writing such as a few plates of cakes, smoking, coffees, etc. I know I get overweight because of this but I sweat the fats off after I finish making progress. Just give yourself anything you crave for a week to get the juice out of your head but remember, after writing thesis, quit the habit. Its not a healthy habit but you judge it...

When you finish 5 pages, 10 pages, 20 pages, etc... give yourself a reward... one week holiday? shopping? one week of movie? etc...

I had not finish my thesis yet but I'm still forcing my head to write until I want to vomit. The problem with motivation is that it never stay the same. Your motivation will sometimes sky roof escalating and sometimes it shows negative value but you might can force that momentum if you willing to try this crappy ideas trick. Do not be afraid if you lose your motivation within a few days after you come out from your burrow... thats just the way it is. You might feel too comfortable with your progress that you begin to enjoy freedom for a few days and after that you have to start from gear 1. Everyone experiencing it... but the difference is those who willing to go gear 2 and so on... Just like driving, everyone will need to start from gear 1, gear 2 and when you comfortable with the speed, go gear 3, 4 and 5. Once you stop, you just need to start the engine and start from gear 1 until you reach gear 5. Its not easy but its not as hard as you think if you know the way. 

Lets do it together and finish up our thesis! Good luck!


  1. Hi Feona....

    I am at the same state u r describing now.... and searching for that motivation to start....

    Thanks for ur words... and let's do it and encouraging each other everyday till it ends successfully...

  2. Thanks fatma :)

    the laziness never go away for me and it is hard for me to keep motivation more than 3 days so i need strict self-control over procrastination. LOL. its holiday so, i can't really focus writing... :P

    I agree with you... let's encourage each other till we hand our thesis :)