Sunday, July 1, 2012

My new toy: Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S

It has been a few months since i wrote a new entry.... :)

I just want to share my new obsession with my new toy Fijufilm Instax 7S. Actually my boyfriend gave it to me a few days ago for my birthday present. I wanted this camera since I was little. I never thought I will actually own it... well, its because of the film is very expensive. last time I went to a store to see this camera, I saw the shop sell RM30 per pack of 10 film. It means RM3.00 for one photo!!! But... since I have this camera as a gift I am so grateful to have a chance to play with it.

Its a basic camera with four mode... (and have to change manually...)

1) indoor - night
2) cloudy
3) fair
4) very sunny - bright

There are no other mode available because this camera is design to be basic, fun and easy to play with. The material for this camera is plastic-ky and comes with a few colour but the one available in the shop that I went to buy the film is blue, white and pink. The only downside i can think of using this camera is the film very expensive!!! online shop sell about RM25-RM30. sell the film for RM25 with free shipping but I never tried it before. Maybe I will try the website when i used up all my film. : ) so, the expenses for having this camera is a burden especially when you want to take a lot of picture... say... you want to take picture on your sister's wedding, you definitely want to take more than 10 film with you! 10 film is just not enough to take picture at the wedding church, wedding hall, wedding car etc... LOL.

So this is a few of my picture i had taken from this camera.... its credit card size... : )

If you wan to take A LOT of picture during special events, I suggest you bring small digital camera for a back up. besides, there are always people asking for you to snap their pictures using instax camera during special events and you might feel wasting it if you giving away too many films!

I went to 1Borneo yesterday to buy more film for my work trip to Terengganu... the film cost RM30/ pack but if you buy 2 packs, they will give you discount RM2 for each film so one pack cost RM28. If you buy 5 packs, they will give you RM3 discount for each pack so your cost for 5 packs is RM135. They also sell the casing for the camera... quite pricey but i like the design of the Gariz bag.

In a nutshell, It is an amazing camera to have fun with especially during short vacation, girls out, and give the picture as momento... and etc... but dont expect DSLR effect on the picture... : )

This camera might not be a suitable camera to take every picture during vacation so bring back up such as your little digital camera... Its all about capturing the right moment because if you snap everything you will used up all your film for nothing and feel guilty spending so much for unnecessary photos...


  1. hi, its depends on the shop package. I saw in 1Borneo they sell for about rm240 camera+ 10 film. no case for the camera. :)