Thursday, January 5, 2012

How i lose my 15kg and now trying to go back to that size!

Like all people, i have trouble with to start my work out regime when i had too long holidays. I have to start from gear 1. I had keep up my work out routine when i was 18 years old until i finish my bachelor degree. i lost 15kg over the year but gain back 6kg. my weight is 62kg when i was 18 years old. I took care of my grandmother while she was in hospital for 6 months. While in hospital with her, i share food with her because she want me to accompany her to eat. She eat about 1/4 of the food while i am the garbage can for the food. I spent my time sitting almost 10 hours beside her bed watching TV in the hospital without working out. That is how i weigh 62kg after secondary school. After i went to college, someone took over my job at the hospital. At college, my friend always invite me to walk with her about 1 hour every evening. i did not realize how much it change my life. I lose 5kg after a year. I dont realize that i lose 5kg until i finish my college. i weight about 57kg that time. My sister is a bit bigger than me. she weight about 80kg. After i finish college, she frequently ask me to accompany her to go for morning walk which is about 1 hour walk. Seriously, i dont mind being 57kg that time but i go along with her plan anyway. I lose 3kg in 2 months. Soon, i went to University for 3 years. over the 3 years, my weight drop to 47kg. I walk a lot while in university. I dont intent to lose that much weight but i am happy that i lose it.

Now, i weight 53kg... after 3 years of inconsistent work out, i gain weight. what i discover through this experience is right amount of exercise and consistency to exercise really work! Another tips that i get from my aunt and I believe it helped me during losing weight is have your dinner before 5pm and have it lightly without carb. Make a salad or take fruits. My typical breakfast is 6 pieces of oatmeal biscuits and a cup of coffee and then for lunch I ate 3/4 bowl of rice with vege and fish/meat. I do watch what i eat even though i am not so strict with my diet. I try to satisfied myself by eating something that i crave but in small amount and try to reduce my craving by gradually decreasing the amount i take the food.

I find that working out in the morning is more enjoyable for me than working out in the afternoon so now i started my daily workout routine by walking for minimum 30min 4-5 days a week and keeping my diet. I hope this is gonna work for me. I will post my progress in February *finger crossed*

If you have better idea on working out I invite you to comment to this post. :)

P/S: sorry for my bad english.

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