Sunday, December 11, 2011

Travel Toiletries....

It has been a year since I had written anything in this blog... I don't deserved to be called passionate blogger... LOL. I just downloaded a blog application in my smartphone... it gives me the feeling to come back blogging.

I want to remind to you that my mother tongue is not English so please excuse my grammatical error. I want to practice English from blogging... because its one of the thing i would love to do. :)

So, what would i advice you to bring to tropical countries for backpacking or holiday? why? i will explain it below...

1. To travel on budget, especially for who is trying to save on toiletries budget... If you plan to stay at hotels, they usually provide shampoo and bath gel/soap. it depends on the place you stay. If they do not put it in the bathroom, ask the hotel staff if they can provide you with these things. Maybe they forget to put it after they clean the room (happened to me twice). what if they don't provide? bring your own shower gel/soap or from the previous hotel you stay! (everybody would do that : P). 

2. Toothbrush and Toothpaste. (Except you don't mind stinky breath)

3. Shampoo (with conditioner)

4. Sunscreen. tropical sunlight 12 hours a day, moist environment (with sweating) burning tropical heat... i would suggest SPF 50 and  above. Re-apply if necessary... Mine is SPF 130 (Brand: Sunplay) and I hardly re-apply.

5. Face moisturizer

6. Body Lotion. This one is according to your preference. if you tends to have crack heel or dry skin in air-conditioned room, you will need this for night use because you will use sunscreen on day time.

7. Deodorant. You just cant escape from sweating in tropical environment!

Basically, this is all you need when travelling. For me, i would trash eyeliner, compact powder and make up remover in my toiletries bag because i can't resist to look the best in my pictures : )

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