Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas treat

Its almost Christmas... surely everyone had a bit of Christmas spirit right now? well, i had bought a dress and a shoe to our dinner. They did it early because there will be a lot of open house during 25th onwards. This is my dress that i had bought last week.

That was my brother. He is holding an apple. I bought this dress because i saw Drew Barrymore was wearing a dress with almost similar cutting. The difference is significant but i do realize dress with cutting like this hides my tummy.

I could make it colorful by adding accessories but i did not have the time to shop for accessories. I suggest to buy accessories with pastel color. Pink shoe, with pastel beads necklace, and pink earing. yellow bangles also works.

This is my shoe that i pair with my dress. It is a very comfortable shoe. For the whole day i am looking for a shoe like this. I like how it sparkle. It brings light to my dress.

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