Monday, November 30, 2009

Perfect at something and sucks at everything!

This title is well thought of when i write this blog. I had an English supervisor while doing my thesis and i think that he is very interesting because he has a lot to talk about (mostly about hydrology and geology). Yesterday he told me that it is good that i get a job that related to my field of study (environmental science). Even though that I cant like this job or I am confuse if I can improve my career and finance in this company, it is better that I specialize in this job and then go to other company when I am good at doing it. the company that I am currently working is a small company and I am underpaid but I cannot give up because I need to learn and do this job until I grew old. the only thing that I can think of is to suck their knowledge as quick as I can in this company and do my M.Sc. There is some advantage for me being here... the company get a lot of projects but we do not have enough workers... so, obviously one staff will handle a lot of responsibilities. I get to learn more things quickly including admin work. With my knowledge and experience in this company (including the environment enactment), my work will be easier while doing M.Sc. I can establish my networking skills with other departments. this reminds me of my supervisors. they have a great networking skill. I would love to be like them. I had started practicing my networking skill but it takes time to develop... For all fresh graduates out there, I advice that you get as much experience as possible and then, you will know what to do. if you sucks in every job that you do, you will end up to be sucks in everything. you must be willing to learn then you will have something to be proud of.

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