Thursday, September 10, 2009


We know that we live in technological world with a lot of development. Entrepreneurs are pressured to make a distinct identity of their product in order to compete in the market. One of the fast developing technology is Mobile phone. Everyone has at least a mobile phone in developed and developing countries. There are a few factors that can contribute to E-waste: Fashion, Development rate of new technology, Need, Want, and affordability.

First suggestion to reduce E-waste is to buy second hand product. For an example, second hand car, mobile phone, PC and etc. Not many people will be happy to buy second hand goods. There are also some issues to consider such as the condition of the goods and the price that almost the same with the first hand good. Most of the second hand goods are in well condition because the good will be checked by the seller before they sell it, but buyers should have common sense of the goods' condition before buying it.

Second suggestion is to buy first hand product and use it as long as you can. for an example, a buyer can buy a good quality of mobile phone and use it until it cannot be use anymore. this is including fixing your goods if it is broken and re-use it again.


  1. Sooner or later either first hand or second hand stuffs cannot be used anymore. Disposing electronic devices is a major problem now. I live in Malaysia, which is a developing country. There's little awareness Malaysia about this thing. My main concern is, what is the best way to dispose e-waste in our country? I don't even know where's the e-waste collection center here.

  2. It's true, i think the best way to handle this is recycling all the recyclable parts and then dispose the other material (non-recyclable) to landfill.
    if you use secondhand product, we can lower the demand on firsthand product so we also reduce production. is that correct? he..he... that is just an opinion..
    do u have other ideas?