Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My starter

I'm working with environmental consultancy company and i just started out 1 months ago. I had been doing my internship with them before they invite me to join their company. Its not highly paid but it is an interesting job with a lot of outstation. It is suitable for a 22-years old active girl like me. I like shopping and hangging out with friends but i also like to travel and look for adventure. I had always been interested with the nature. I did my thesis in the lowland forest. Its a secondary forest but it is a conservation area. Many would not expect that i would go to such place but i did. Of course the first time i went into the forest, i scared to death to see the leeches but i get used to it after 3 days. The forest has not been logged for about 20 years. That was last year story and now, i had travel almost to every place in Sabah. I tasted their foods and i just live my life to the fullest. I never regret my life as environmentalist. Do you regret with your choices (for your life) or it was someone else's choice?

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